29th September, 2008

trivium-shogunMETALLICA WANNA-BEES with a fit lead singer continue to insult the metal legends with another offering of absolute tosh.

Call me picky, but I expect a lot more from my metal than some half decent pit riffs and a growl. I’m sorry. That’s the first reason why this is an avoid-at-all-costs release. The second, is Heafy’s voice, either sounding like Hetfield eating cheese graters, or the God Forbid guy trying to do black metal. In fact, this album is just terrible Metallica mixed with the best of God Forbid; bad for me, as I like both. But it does work on ‘Down From The Sky’, but that’s about it. The third is the overuse of shred. Technicality is great, but here it exists only for itself and those who enjoy masturbating over million notes a second shred. The fourth reason is that the songs are all too long, with nothing engaging enough to justify six plus minutes. The fifth reason…you get my drift.


Published in Student Direct, October 2008 http://www.student-direct.co.uk/2008/11/trivium-shogun/