17th October, 2007

YOU WOULDN’T normally associate morbidity with catchiness. That’s what makes this record so surprising, and dare I say, enjoyable. Drink spiking, bondage, and who knows what else is covered here – all to a backdrop of retro guitar riffs packed full of gain and melodic hooks.

‘Metro’ has shades of 80s rock and roll as it cheerfully sings about drug overdoses, and ‘Bullet on the Tracks’ features one of many wonderful sing-along choruses. Even the CD sleeve has apparently random stuff all over it, from exploding light bulbs to scalpels and octopus doctors. There are weak tracks that will doubtlessly be skipped over and forgotten, and ‘Broken’ really does let the album down with its Joe-average nature and poorly written crescendos, but that aside, drowning and breast surgery has never sounded so good.


Published in Student Direct, October 2007