31st October, 2008

LAST STAND is the sound of My Bloody Valentine’s melancholia epic Loveless desolately crawling into its last bar, ordering its final whiskey and drinking itself into a heartbroken oblivion.

And it’s bloody brilliant. Tenebrous Liar has created an album which deliberately slows down time to an agonising wasted stagger, and then ruthlessly strangles you. ‘One Way Lone’ and ‘All That You Know’ sneer at you as the devastating distortion and lonesome, what-the-fuck-is-the-point-of-it-all vocals mercilessly drag you into a state of total despair; ‘Pretender’ is the kind of blues-stained morose rock that you’d find in a dilapidated New Orleans garage; ‘Last Stand’s tortured screams and painfully tuneful feedback take a full eleven minutes to collapse into a sorry, lifeless heap of worthless nothingness. This kind of thing should come with a health warning.


Published in Student Direct, November 2008 http://www.student-direct.co.uk/2008/11/tenebrous-liar-last-stand/