2nd November, 2007

FIRST THINGS first. It you don’t like death metal, this is not for you. Stay away. Move on. Forget it. However, if you are of the alternative persuasion, then pay very close attention.

Severe Torture are the new leaders European death metal scene. They’ve toured with Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Desecration and Vader, and are heading on a full European Tour in 2008, showcasing Sworn Vengeance; 35 minutes of pure power and aggression. Blastbeasts on ‘Dismal Perceptions’ and ‘Serenity Torn Asunders’ are clearly defined; the riffs of ‘Redefined Identity’ provoke thoughts of death metal gods Nile. The instrumental ‘Submerged in Grief’ is pleasantly surprising in its mellowness and actually rounds the album off perfectly with a fading, chromatic riff. This is of the sort of standard that Morbid Angel, Decapitated and Vader have reached. This is the most violent circle pit ever, put to plastic. Awesome.


Published in Student Direct, November 2007