24th February, 2008

GET PAST some of the, frankly dire, lyrics (i.e. ‘Lights Out’) and the “we-re going to rule the world with our adrenaline pumping, sing-a-long choruses” attitude, and you have here a very good record in your hands.

primitai-through-the-gates-of-hellImpressive and useful lead guitar is abundant, and even those of the “no solos” persuasion surely can’t help but allow their anti-technical-talent hearts to admire this. ‘Deathhammer’s angular, Exodus-esque rhythms (these guys have certainly picked the right influences) and powerful and energetic drumming combine with an awe-inspiring harmonized solo, which, again, actually contributes to the song to create a candidate for huge pits, despite the lack of heaviness which normally comes with a metal release. Great fun for those who just want to jump around and play air guitar, but those who prefer their metal to be more, well, intelligent, then this is best missed.


Published in Student Direct, March 2008