10th February, 2008

IT’S A shame that this review (if it makes the paper), wasn’t in time for Valentine’s Day. Even though it isn’t a collection of love songs, its pace, tone and pure warmth that only jazz can conjure up make it perfect for a snuggly night in. melody-gardot

It might be short (only half an hour), but Worrisome Heart sure is sweet. It flows with all of the grace of a brand new silk dress, and shimmers like the starlight in your beloved’s eyes. ‘Worrisome Heart’s beautiful lyrics light the candles, whilst ‘All That I Need is Love’s lyrical guitar groove runs the warm bath, and ‘Love Me Like a River Does’ leads you into the depths of the most exquisite, endless passion; upon the exquisite final note of ‘Twilight’, the most romantic evening of your life is complete.


Published in Student Direct, February 2008