2nd December, 2007

‘I WANT everyone to stop pretending’. There is only so many times that you can repeat that lyric before it becomes justifiable to phone the singer, arrange a meeting and ram it down his throat, and after listening to the rest of the EP, a dictionary of rhyme as well.

‘Still’ also annoys me irritating; bashing an E powerchord for one minute does not make a good intro, and the vocals really do sound like he’s suffocating on something. There’s a lot of alternate picking for riffs on this EP, and for someone who wants to be challenged by music, this isn’t nearly enough. ‘Bombs’ is probably the most enjoyable on here; a decent lead, decent melody, decent riff. But that’s another problem with this, its components are either only decent or provoke wonder as to how they ever got off the production line.


Published in Student Direct, December 2007