You probably deserve an explanation for all of this…

SCRIPTURAE… this little blog’s name “scripturae” is what it is. Writings. A collection of various smaller collections of collections of symbols which for some reason are termed “letters”, that when put together hoepfully make some sort of sense. Here, the unlucky surfer will find, amongst the tangled seawead of dud-links, published, unpublished, and unpublishable interviews, album, single and live reviews, comments, rants and ramblings, and the occasional recipie. Anything which has appeared in Student Direct (since September 2008, due to a new website), FuseFM, sputnikmusic, DiS or UBS will have a little link next to it.

The slightly pretentious title is in many ways an attempted excuse. I don’t remember receiving any English grammar lessons. Most of any grammatical skills that I have, have been filtered down to me through the Latin language. So, it’s me offering a scapegoat for any mistakes or misunderstandings found here which of course are all my fault, but also a testament to those auctores of antiquity whose work I have read and wildly mistranslated.


That’s me! I’m Matt, a student at the University of Manchester, studying Medieval and Roman history. I am a music editor for Student Direct, the biggest student newspaper in the United Kingdom. I also write for sputnikmusic, a fairly small but still important music website. Since slamming a lid on UBSpotlight (a website which hosted mine and a few other’s reviews of unsigned bands in Manchester), I occasionally write for Drowned in SouMe!nd and FuseFM. Again with the Latin…”confused and tired author”…I expect some of the views expressed within these pixels and bites will seem confused, old, or even just downright wrong (the title was long enough). Please, comment to correct, comment to agree, or just comment to comment.

I suppose a bio has to have ambitions on it…I’d like to meet and interview Steven Wilson, David Gilmour, Chieli Minucci, and B.B.King. My more realistic ambitions include being employed as a professional journalist and eventually writing whatever I want, owning (and some how using) all the kitchen utensils ever invented, all the tea in the world (if there is but one truth in the world, it is that a hot mug of camomile and spiced apple tea/earl grey/lady grey/assam/yulan/lapsang souchong/etc solves everything), and being able to eat chocolate without feeling ill. And to grow old with my wonderful girlfriend, Mandi.


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