2nd March, 2008

ACCORDING TO NME, DIOFYY are ‘masters of energetic genre crunching pop songs that hit you like a battering ram, stay lock in your head and get the heart pumping’. Liars.

does_it_offend_you_yeah-_you_have_no_ideaAn apparently innovative band, DIOFYY are actually taking a dead-for-a-good-reason 80s craze and dressing it up in modern production and bland indie. There is nothing innovative about that. Tracks like ‘We Are Rockstars’ and ‘Let’s Make Out’ are clearly the products of copying every good electronica band from the past 30 years and stealing the sound of the frankly abysmal The Automatic. The only thing this album gets pumping for me is the part of my brain that is extremely irritated by hearing the same drum beat for an entire CD and would also tells me to commit multiple, brutal homicide. Why yes, this overly-commercial clubber-arse-kissing rubbish does offend me.


Published in Student Direct, March 2008